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J. Robbins Enterprises, LLC is a business development, marketing, and general consulting firm that strives to establish, highlight, and generate capabilities that set your company and employees above the rest. Our team of diverse and bold thinking professionals believe passionately that we can help companies excel by bringing exceptional analysis and a positive attitude. Each day we explore, inspire, and produce new ways to better serve and feature our client’s success. 

Jeanne A. Travis

President and CEO

Jeanne A. Travis, an award-winning entrepreneur and leader, founded J. Robbins Enterprises, LLC in 2020 and serves as the President and CEO. After 11 years as a co-founder and leader of an industrial security company, she decided to start her own company that focuses on promoting other companies. Jeanne finds a true joy in examining business models, identifying geniuses, and capturing accolades on their behalf.

Jeanne A. Travis - Biography

Jeanne A. Travis graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in Psychology and Education. Jeanne started her career as a high school mathematics teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools. After two (2) years, she decided to move into a corporate position, starting as a Staff Accountant. Jeanne quickly expanded her exposure to many areas on business outside of Accounting, moving into a position of Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer where additional duties included assisting with proposal writing and business development.
In 1998, the Y2k initiative propelled Jeanne into computer science, initially in Oracle development but later across many platforms, domains, and technologies. Living in the Metro DC area along side her work ethic and attention to detail, she moved into cleared defense contracting.

In 2009, Jeanne was the mother of two (2) small children and started to feel the challenges of working in the area. This inspired her to make a change in her career to be closer to home. She helped to co-found an industrial security company, Industrial Security Integrators LLC. She continued to work her full-time job while growing the business in the evenings and on the weekends. It was her courage and confidence that advanced the company out on its own in 2012.

Over eight (8) years Jeanne devoted to building this company, and found true delight in marketing and business development. She found it was very difficult for many people to understand the service their company was providing, many confused it with physical or cybersecurity. Jeanne worked with multiple marketing companies to create a strategy, develop content, gain exposure, and acquire accolades. She doing discovered it to be more “fun” rather than “work” to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of the successes of the employees and of her company.

In 2020, Jeanne was presented with the opportunity to launch her own company that would focus on this true passion. She is looking forward to helping companies and people show the world the true hero’s….her clients.

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